Salter Lecture 2017 Warwick University

Title of Lecture (2 August 2017)

Brexit, Chilcot and the Role of Conscience in the Political Life

Note from speaker Molly Scott Cato MEP

"Contrary to a widely held view, politicians are human beings.

"Like everybody else we are a mass of contradictory emotions and beliefs, mixed up with evidence and experience. All these aspects come into play when we are making decisions. So how can we balance reason and intuition in our political decision-making? And how can this be compatible with the need to act in accordance with our conscience, and according the wishes and views of those we represent? I will explore these questions with reference to two historic national events - the EU referendum and the War in Iraq - and my work in the European Parliament."

Biography: Molly Scott Cato has been a member of the Green Party for 30 years and was elected as Member of the European Parliament for South West England and Gibraltar in 2014. She serves on the Parliament’s Economics and Agriculture Committees and was a leading light of the Remain campaign in the South West. Molly studied for a PhD in Economics at Aberystwyth University and went on to become the country’s first Professor Green Economics at Roehampton University. She has published widely on the issues of cooperative economics, finance, and sustainability and is the author of several books including Green Economics and The Bioregional Economy. Molly has three grown-up children and in her spare time she likes woodworking, singing and swimming.



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