52 St Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4EA


2.00 PM 0N 9 JUNE 2018





  1. Attendance: 15 present and 11 prevented


  1. Minutes of the Meeting held on 10 June 2017


These have been received


  1. Reports:


a)    Clerk: our Clerk has presented his report which sets out the work of the Committee since the previous AGM and his hopes for the future of QSS. A copy of the report is attached and will be placed on the QSS website.

b)    Treasurer: our Treasurer has presented her report. She has provided a financial statement for the year up to 31 December 2017 and an update on the current financial position (attached).

We thank Alison for all her work in regularising our accounts and outstanding membership subscriptions. We ask the Committee to consider exploring Triodos or similar socially useful organisations for our future banking arrangements.

 c)    Membership: our membership officer has presented her report. Currently we have 101 paid up members. There was a contacts list and all on the list have now been written to ascertain whether they wish to maintain their association with QSS. We thank Alison for all her hard work in this role.

 1.Membership subscriptions: We agree that the individual subscription should continue at £10 per year. We welcome into membership those who are not able to make a financial contribution at this time.

  1. Appointment of Officers

 Clerk: Michael Langford

Assistant Clerk: referred to the Committee

Treasurer: Alison Langford

 Membership: Alison Langford

Committee: Gill Becket, Sheila Taylor, Michael Langford, Alison Langford, Grace Crookall-Greening, Roger Baker, Graham Taylor, Tim Gee, Mike Medhurst * and Laurence Hall*.

Parliamentary liaison: Ian Flintoff *.

We agree to the Committee appointing the Newsletter editor and social media administrators.

 1. QSS structure and organisation: we agree to the Committee developing proposals on a constitution and, in the meantime, to the Committee co-opting any member they think could help them in their work.

 1. Quaker Members of Parliament: we send our greetings to Quaker Members of Parliament and invite them to join QSS.

  1. Future events: we are aiming to have a meeting in Bristol on 20th October.


* subject to consent



Quaker Socialist Society Treasurer’s Report for year ended 31.12.17


 £                                                                                   (2016)              (2015)

Subs and donations                             625                    (982)              (1222)

Interest on deposit account                     1.47                (     3.11)        (       3.65)

TOTAL                                                 626.47                 (985.11)        (1225.65)



Newsletter & leaflets –

Printing & postage                              278.30             (548)                (358)

Room Hire                                           142.50              ( 40)                 ( 90)

Website (Create Interest Ltd)             108.00               (00)                  ( 00)    

Meeting Adverts                                    50.00               (42)                ( 54)

Travel                                                     00.00             (96)                 (189)

Journeyman Theatre                              00.00              (34)                ( 50)

Stationery                                               00.00                (14)                ( 19)

TOTAL                                                578.80             (774)                (760)   


Cash in Santander current account on 31.12.17

                                                            1,011.69          (965.79)          (757.93)

Nationwide deposit account on 31.12.17

                                                            1470.01           (1468.54)         (1465.43)


Share Assets

Rootstock                                            2016.00           (1986.00)         (1890.00)

CoCom                                                4500.00           (4500.00)         (4500.00)


Notes on current financial situation:

Santander current account     1310.87 on 7th June 2018

Nationwide deposit account   1470.01

Membership subs and donations 1st January to 7th June     1000.00








Quaker Socialist Society Annual General Meeting


The AGM of the Quaker Socialist Society will take place at 2.00 p.m. on Saturday 9 June at the Westminster Quaker Meeting House, 52 St Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4EA.


Anyone sympathetic to the aims of QSS is welcome to join us and paid up members will receive a draft agenda in advance of the meeting.


As well as the usual AGM business we will be considering whether we wish to look at introducing a QSS structure and organisation appropriate to our time.


Following the AGM we will have an informal meeting to plan a QSS presence at the demonstration taking place in London on 14 July to coincide with the visit of President Donald Trump. Like vast numbers of our fellow citizens and and organisations, QSS is repelled by Donald Trump's attitudes, life style choices and politics. We will want to join with others in vast numbers to demonstrate to others across the world and particularly those in the United States that we reject what the President stands for and to declare our commitment to peace, cooperation and equality.'



Quaker Socialist Society

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held in the Ada Salter room, Friends House,

on 10 June 2017


  1. Nine Friends in attendance together with Michael Langford Acting Clerk


  1. Committee Report: this report is received (attached). With amendments we agree to circulate it to the membership.


  1. Treasurer’s report: the report for 2016 has been received. We thank David Forbes for this and his service a Treasurer. It has been noted that the Ada Salter event was supported by the London Borough of Southwark. We agree to leave the rate of subscriptions at their current level.


  1. Membership report: we have received a statement of current membership and thank Deirdre Flintoff for this. We have noted that there are a number of subscriptions outstanding and we wonder if members are not sure how their subscriptions are used. We need to inform our members on this and ask the Committee to give early consideration to this matter.


  1. Election of national committee: we agree not to appoint officers at this meeting but to leave this to the Committee. The following are appointed: Michael Langford, Alison Langford, Grace Crookall-Greening, Deidre Flintoff, Roger Baker, Ian Flintoff, Graham Taylor and Laurence Hall.


  1. Appointment of temporary Clerk: We appoint Michael Langford as Clerk until the next Committee meeting


  1. Salter Lecture arrangements: Alison Langford reports that these are in hand. There will be an informal meeting at Yearly Gathering to make last minute arrangements. This will take place on Sunday 30 July – venue and time to be advised.


  1. We agree to Ian Flintoff arranging a meeting in the House of Commons in the autumn.


  1. Grace Crookall-Greening reports that Jonathon Dale is willing to speak at a QSS meeting in Manchester in the autumn. The title is to be agreed.


  1. QSS website: we noted that the address of the website is www.quakersocialists.uk


  1. We agree that the next meeting of the Committee will be in London at 2.00 p.m. on Sunday 16 July 2017 (venue to be decided)

  QSS Committee Report to Annual Meeting held at Friends House on 10/06/17



QSS has no formal constitution and relies on a National Committee to make all its arrangements. In recent times the Committee’s activities have focussed on organising the Salter Lecture, occasional meetings around the country and in the House of Commons. Newsletters have been produced and social media sites established. Additionally the Committee has dealt with the administration of the Society’s money and membership list.

Currently the Committee has only a small membership and no permanent officers. This meeting has been arranged by three of the active Committee members. QSS is therefore in a critical state and its future cannot be guaranteed unless a new Committee is formed which can deal with the organisational challenges we face.

 Over the last year we have been struggling to maintain the Society. However we have been able to arrange the Salter Lecture which will take place at Yearly Meeting. The speaker will be Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for South West England.

Over the last year we have been struggling to maintain the Society. However we have been able to arrange the Salter Lecture which will take place at Yearly Meeting. The speaker will be Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for South West England.


Despite the challenges we have faced, the Committee has been considering the purpose of QSS so that, should we be able to continue we will have some ideas for how the Society might develop in the future.

 At root we have wondered if the Society’s main focus should be within Quakerism, being a socialist voice particularly on issues such as equality. Or should we be outward looking as a Quaker influence amongst those parties and groups which have a socialist foundation; perhaps, in a small way, being a catalyst for bringing together progressive elements within our wider society.


Then again we have pondered on the kind of socialism which is most in accord with our Quaker values. We have been deeply moved by the stories of Ada and Alfred Salter. Does their ‘ethical socialism’ still have resonance today?


One organisational matter which has had the attention of the Committee has been regional meetings and the possibility of regional groups. Although the Committee has arranged a number of meetings outside of London, we hope that a new Committee will give priority to developing some kind of regional structure, however informal.

This is a difficult time for QSS but perhaps a more encouraging picture is emerging for socialism as a whole. If matters are to be turned around for QSS it is up to us. Some guidance can be found in the minutes of the 1978 London Yearly Meeting. Here quoted were the words of an eighteenth century Quaker socialist:

 ‘John Bellers reminded Friends that God would not send his angels to solve our problems; it is we who must seek the solutions with God’s guidance, and we who must do the job’

Quaker Faith and Practice: 23.70 



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